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Location:Tirumala, India
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28 reports for the number 8773659616

  1. Bill collector – Midland Credit Management. Just another bill collector. Yawwwwnnn….bored now, back to my nap.

  2. according to reviews, debt collector

  3. Keeps calling from different numbers for several weeks now. Man had a accent  I asked where are you calling from he said  India.  I have blocked them they call from different numbers and I block everyone of them.

  4. idk them or y they are calling

  5. They themselves told me this is past statute of limitations yet they continue to bother. If I had the $ it would go towards my health. Cancer 2 years ago.

  6. Their website came up when I searched their number. I received multiple calls within a few minutes. No messages. Will be blocking.

  7. Called my State of California business cellphone so I have no idea what they wanted. I have no debts and no one would know this phone number anyways.

  8. As many calls I get in a days time that claim to be bill collectors I must owe everyone in the world money. Laws need to get tougher on these callers. They call and ask for one person and when you tell them they have the wrong number they call you a liar.

  9. How many phone numbers do these doors have??? BLOCKED!!!!!!

  10. Calling about a non-existing debt. Asked them to send it in writing via US Postal Service, as Consumer Affairs instructed me to do; yet never received anything from them. They start up every few months, so I block them.

  11. These people at Midland Credit Management just threatened to kick my [***] and come BURN DOWN MY HOUSE!
    How is it that the Police won’t go to 2365 Northside Dr. Suite 300, San Diego CO 90128 and shut them down or at least scare the crap out of them.  This is so Scary, I’m scared….and I don’t own them any money!!!   HELP PLEASE

  12. I’ve heard this scam before as soon as you say "yes" to any question they hang up and mystery charges come up on your debit card/bank account. Then you can’t dispute it because they have a recording of your voice saying "yes" and claim its proof you agreed to be charged for a service.

  13. Looking for my sister who I haven’t seen or spoken to in 12 years. I don’t know how they got this number but they should stop calling me because I’m gonna find her and kick her [***] myself.

  14. Called from a 877 number, asked for someone and said they will connect to another third party. The caller had a Indian accent and was not clear with what they wanted or why they called when asked who they were. Most likely a scammer.

  15. Spam/unwanted caller was very rude

  16. I wasn’t aware that “doors” could have phone numbers.  What good would it do a “door” to have a phone number as it has no hands to dial a phone number.

  17. Debt collector call, assumimgly for a debt I paid off months ago, won’t leave me alone. They also can’t give me really any specific info on the debt so I don’t this is even legitimate. Probably a scam.

  18. Scam debt collector of some kind. Blocked it.

  19. Midland Credit Management. Collecting from me on an old Capital One Credit Card. They are pushy and persistent.

  20. Midland Credit. They can [***]. I never answer and never will.

  21. calls constantly and will not leave a message

  22. Midland service debt collectors

  23. keep changing your number and I’ll keep not answering.

  24. Got a call yesterday from 877-365-9616, my phone never rang, got a silent ringtone a while back, have no idea have no idea who these idiots are or want but I love my silent ringtone.

  25. Midland Credit Debt Collection  very rude

  26. Yet another nuisance caller added to “straight to voice mail”.  (Since I don’t actually have voicemail, my phone won’t ring and they can never get through.)

  27. Calls four to five times a day. Calls from 7:00 am to 11 pm Mon they Sunday. Never leaves a message.

  28. These people have caused my husband a mental breakdown. An investigation is open. They call every single hour, every single day on different numbers. We have NO credit debt. They are FAKE or have the wrong number. No matter how many times we tell them to STOP calling they call more. 7 am until 7 pm. We need our phone on for business and block each new number. This is harassment.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-10
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Tirumala, India
Number of complaints:28
E164 Format:+8773659616
Formato Nacional:877 36 59 61 6
National Format:877 36 59 61 6
International Format:+877 36 59 61 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+877-36-59-61-6

The number 8773659616 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Tirumala, India. To this day, we have received 28 complaints and the tel:+877-36-59-61-6 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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