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  1. Please Block All 888 Area Codes

  2. It’s Liberty Mutual. I tried to buy an insurance quote for auto on the internet from them. Next second, they’ve started calling me.

  3. Went online looking into rental insurance & have had 2 calls since. Doesn’t leave a message.

  4. car insurance, I did not even finished the online form,… now call, call, call

  5. Tried to get an online quote and now get calls non stop.

  6. I got a quote online for renters insurance and then Liberty Mutual started calling me at 8am. I did not request a quote from Liberty Mutual.

  7. Calls constantly but never leaves a voicemail

  8. all because I got a quote online

  9. Liberty Mutual calling after I got online quote

  10. Liberty Mutual Insurance will call you if you do a insurance comparison! I knew they would probably try calling so that’s why I never gave my Landline # but their insurance is way too high and I get the same thing through my own insurance company!!!

  11. I just wanted to get an ONLINE quote but now they are calling me and never leave message.

  12. liberty mutual recently sent a hateful letter stating I did not meet their requirements YET they call here constantly!

  13. i just did a chat with them and told them I didn’t want to be contacted again.  I had only looked for a quote and within 45 min I had a call coming in from them.  Told them I did not appreciate that since nothing was said about that when you enter your number (I usually give an alternate # that is not answered).  But I didn’t this time because I was genuinely interested.

  14. This number called me a total of eight times between 10am and 3pm. They never left a message. Next day, I get 5 phone calls from 5 different unknown numbers. Now it is one a day from an unknown number, every time it’s from a state nowhere close to missouri.

  15. Did online quote last night, have now had 3 calls from them. No voicemails left. I wish they had left at least one short courteous voicemail.

  16. Same thing, I went online for a quote and now they won’t stop calling.  I for sure won’t be buying anything from a company that can’t even leave a courtesy message.

  17. Liberty mutual. If you ask for a quote and cancel out, they will call you about it. Just let them know you found what you needed and they’ll stop calling.

  18. I requested an ONLINE insurance quote. This number has been calling ever since. I boocked them.
    I NEVER return calls that do not leave a message. I block them immediately.

  19. Its Liberty Mutual Insurance.  I did an online quote (which was 3x what I’m paying now) and they were calling within a half an hour.  Its Sunday afternoon and they have called 4 times in the past 4 hours.

  20. I got an online quote from them for homeowners/auto insurance and now they won’t leave me alone. They’ve called 3 times in just a couple of hours. I got my quote. That’s all I wanted. If I wanted to talk to them, I would have called!

  21. I received multiple calls from this number on a Sunday afternoon, but no messages, beginning just a couple of hours after I filled out an online rate quote for car insurance through Liberty Mutual.  Their rates were ridiculously high- waste of time.

  22. Same here, it would be courteous to at least leave a short voice message.

  23. With current issues regarding identity theft, company data hacking, etc., it is reprehensible that this company (Liberty Mutual) asks for your SS number in their on-line quote form. Did not even complete the form and started receiving phone calls within 2 hours. Looked up the number after NOT answering the call.

  24. Calls repeatedly and does not leave a message.

  25. I made the same mistake, went onliine (Liberty Mutual)  to get a quote, which was higher than I am now paying, now they call three times per day. I will never answer….and will never get a quote online ever again from anybody….

  26. Caller calls repeatedly. Doesn’t answer when you answer it. Really annoying. Thinks its liberty mutual

  27. I received a call from the number about 30 minutes after doing a quote. I also agree – ridiculously high!

  28. I got an online quote from Liberty Mutual without giving my phone number.  Somehow they found it and don’t stop calling. Really annoying

  29. a call from Liberty Mutual all because I was looking for lower cost for insurance rates

  30. they’ve called twice today, and it’s not even noon yet. I never answer, they don’t leave message. Disgusting scumbags!!!!!!!!

  31. I filled out a quote as well with Liberty Mutual Ins. Co.  I gave them my number with hesitation.  Wouldn’t you know after 10 hours they called.  I’m on my third missed call and still no message.  Really annoying!

  32. It’s Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. I went online about 8 hours ago to get a quote for car ins. Just shopping around! They’ve now called me 3 times since then! The most recent call was a few minutes ago and it’s after 8 pm! Enough is enough! I put a block on their number and I will most definitely not be buying my insurance through them!

  33. repeat calls different numbers.

  34. Yep, started about 4 hours after I got an online quote today, 3 already in less than 8 hours. I might answer the next one and tell them to bug off, and see if they follow that. Bet they won’t and I’ll end up blocking the number…which will probably make them just use a different number. I don’t like this dance.  And I didn’t like their quote — over 50% more than what I’m paying now for same coverage.

  35. negative ratings by community

  36. I also recently requested a quote from Liberty Mutual. Same as everyone else, they call multiple times a day and do not leave a message.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-09
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Perth, Australia
Number of complaints:36
E164 Format:+8885782146
Formato Nacional:888 57 82 14 6
National Format:888 57 82 14 6
International Format:+888 57 82 14 6
RFC3966 Format:tel:+888-57-82-14-6

The number 8885782146 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Perth, Australia. To this day, we have received 36 complaints and the tel:+888-57-82-14-6 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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