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Location:Kansas, United States
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  1. I cannot stand these calls. I have 8 credit cards that call me, all day long. I lost my job and tell each that but they don’t care.

  2. It’s GE Money bank collecting for a store credit card, like Wal-Mart. I imagine they call alot of people in this economy, good luck is all I have to say.

  3. Wal-Mart credit card services

  4. these jerks called at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. I answer with an incredulous "hello?", the sad music starts and the recording says for me to stay on the line while I am connected and that this is a recording… GOODBYE!!!

  5. will not talk when I say " Hello "

  6. They call here earlier than that; consider yourself lucky 🙁

  7. Is it legal for them to call you every hour on your cell phone wile your working and hang up on you?
    I mean really, they got my cell phone number from my friends and sending emails to anyone with the same name as me.
    I am not behind, I am waiting for the insurance to pay the debit.
    Last call they insisted I remove the insurance from the account so they could sent it to collections.
    Then they sent me a letter stating they where sending it to collections even though the insurance company would pay the whole amount.
    Now its a call every hour on my cell phone and they hang up.

  8. It helps to (believe it or not) once you get the call where you do not recognize the number, google it and check who it is on forums like this. Then ENTER the numer into contacts as that place. For example add this one to contacts and name Walmart. Scroll down and on “ring” section – click set and scroll down to “no ring”. Then save. You won’t have to listen to it again!

  9. Called before 0800 A.M. on a Sunday morning.

  10. calling about a credit card that belongs to my boyfriend…. how did they get MY number???? we are not married

  11. calls several times a day, no response when I answer

  12. will pay when I have money

  13. synchrony is a terrible company

  14. calling several times a day, never a message

  15. Pfft! Change you phone number and send a group SMS to your contacts of the number change.

  16. i wish to god they would stop calling me

  17. calls all the time and don’t leave a message

  18. Calls repeatedly and leaves no message. Google search identifies as Walmart Credit Card Services

  19. will not talk when I say " Hello "

  20. I was late two payments and scheduled a payment for 1/13/10 that they are taking directly from my checking account. Even with a payment set up they are STILL calling me!!

  21. I have had a credit card since December of last year. Since May of this year, I have been out of a job after being made redundant and was therefore unable to continue with the credit card payments. I cancelled the card and have been making lower, regular payments per month to pay off the remaining balance on the card. It has been going fine – I have not paid anything late, always to the right amount and no complaints from anyone thus far.

    However, since yesterday these calls have been coming through from a GE Money bank regarding this debt. They seem to be under the impression that I haven’t paid anything since May when I cancelled the card, that my remaining balance is more than $5000 more than what it actually is and that they have contacted me numerous times and received no response. I don’t know what is going on. Either they are trying something fishy with me or, for some reason or other, the company to which I am paying my debt to has decided to pass it on to a debt agency even though I am making payments on said debt.

    Either way, whatever they are trying to do is not going to work. It couldn’t even if I wanted it to. They are demanding that I either pay the balance in full or pay it off in two segments. Not going to happen. I have only just got myself another job that pays twice as less than my previous but it’s better than nothing. I am just about managing to keep on top of my bills every month and the only way I am ever able to purchase items for myself, such as clothes, is if my mother gives me a little help. How on Earth am I supposed to pay a sum of $8200 (which is a ridiculous, fictitious amount) without losing my home, my job and my integrity?

    These people can go and kiss my behind. I am paying my debt, I am keeping myself afloat for the time being and they will not turn all of this to trash because their un-educated monkeys that they have working at the desks want a bit of over-time for their ever so tiring jobs of harassing people every day. If anybody from this retched excuse of a company is reading this, I have one simple thing to say to you:

    Kiss my [***]


  22. Stop Calling me!!! you never answer when I say hello, and you call as early at 8am.  I have a baby that sleeps!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. u r brilliant…great idea  gonna use it

  24. So who wants to destroy their office and cut their telephone lines? Ha. [***].

  25. This number calls numerous times a day. If you hang up on them they call right back but still don’t speak.

  26. These people call about 10 times a day. I have talked to them and told them I can not give anything untill after the first of the year because we had to fork over alot of money to try and save our home. Those people do not care as long as they get the money for calling and hurassing people. If I had a money tree I would be more then happy to go pick some green for them.

  27. we bought a home, and 4 days later my husband got over a 20% pay cut at his job. every month i struggle to be sure what i consider the important stuff to be paid, mortgage, cars, ins., utilites and food and gas….and what really SUCKS is, the credit cards is what gets paid late…and they are the ones that hit your credit the hardest!!!  i’m not the type of person who rack up debt and don’t intend on paying it back, but when your forced into a [***] position…you gotta do and take care of the most important…and my family and i need our roof over our heads first and foremost!

  28. Also another thing that i love to do to the callers is just answer and simply let the phone sit there. I usually play music or continue with video games or something. Its pretty entertaining to waste their time just as they do yours. i’ve gotten them to listen almost 10 minutes befor they disconect.

  29. Walmart Credit Card Srvs Collection. For Walmart Credit Cards. I received a call due to late payment on my Card from this number.

  30. Oh a good solution to this besides paying is just to give them a fake number to begin with. Ill never again give my correct number to a credit company for as long as i walk this earth.

  31. They left voice mail saying they are from IRS and have been trying to reach me for 6 months since I have been avoiding them they are going to bring a lawsuit against me,this is a government law suit.

  32. won’t stop calling doesnt leave a mag

  33. Same here. They keep calling but never say anything…

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-10
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:Kansas, United States
Number of complaints:33
E164 Format:+9137892979
Formato Nacional:913 78 92 97 9
National Format:913 78 92 97 9
International Format:+913 78 92 97 9
RFC3966 Format:tel:+913-78-92-97-9

The number 9137892979 corresponds to a landline phone number located in Kansas, United States. To this day, we have received 33 complaints and the tel:+913-78-92-97-9 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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