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28 reports for the number 9738540915

  1. Calling for a disputed debt from 20 years ago that was settled. Just keep blocking their telephone numbers

  2. In case you did not know these guys are the bottom of pile when it comes to customer service or going by the rules. The only reason they’re still in business is because they have very good lawyers and the Feds have very lousy law enforcement system. They buy old debt list (not caring about correct info or statute of limitation) in bulk and the minimum wage dialers go to work. The only way to get rid of them is by a complain to your state’s attorney’s office.

  3. Called me asking for me using my old marriage name for over 20+ yrs which tells me it’s fraud.

  4. reports say debt collector

  5. Called about a debt issue that was settled over 10 years ago.  Idiots who don’t care.

  6. if I say hello and you don’t answer right back tells ke you’re a robodial.

  7. Thanks to your site I will be blocking them also

  8. They called today asking about a debt for a Sprint 800 #. I’ve never, ever, ever used Sprint or owned an 800# for anything, EVER. They wanted me to confirm my name and address. I told them if they knew who I was they could 1) send me something in writing clearly explaining the debt belonged to me 2) a contract with my signature (since I’ve never used Sprint) or 3) cease & desist this false claim. Hoping to never hear from them again.

  9. they don’t even leave a message.

  10. They called the wife. She blocked them. Just a few seconds later they called me. I blocked them.

  11. annoying doesn’t leave a message

  12. They called 7 times in one morning,  I answer the phone no one there, call back and it’s not a working number.   Why would someone call and not even talk?!

  13. I answered one time and placed the phone on mute. A young girl Said, “Hello, hello” Then she was speaking to someone else in the room and said “No answer. ” Sounded very unprofessional and fishy.
    If it were important I imagine they would leave a number or voicemail.
    They call once a day, everyday for the past 3 weeks. Today I have chosen to block the number.

  14. Did not answer due to negative reviews

  15. Fraudulent debt collectors.

  16. keeps calling, very annoying

  17. They call me about a debt that was cleared over 10 years ago. I just keep blocking them but really wish someday they stop is seems like harassment.

  18. Portfolio Recovery looking for money i dont owe or have. Eff these assHats.

  19. The have a app on for your phone called hiya.  It will automatically block calls that are fraud Debt collectors and solicters. It’s awesome. You will have to let the app link to your contacts.  I have the at&t version which I beiebe is almost the same it’s awesome.

  20. Another number to block these asshats obviously didn’t learn from the first class action lawsuit maybe it’s time to file another one!! I don’t answer calls I don’t know glad I came here another of 1000’s if their numbers to block!!

  21. wrong Number but they still call over and over again

  22. Lets file another Class Action lawsuit.
    Does anyone remember the name of the law firm

  23. didn’t answer, thanks to this site

  24. Portfolio Recovery Jaclasses

  25. 9738542716 c Alled but i ddn’t answer. Left no message. Hrs before caller with strong indian accent called from #8663453139 told me he was calling from home depot to let me know my order #184 had come in and i must contact him as soon as possible to claim my package. Strange thing is i had previously blocked same numbers but with different area codes. Liars liars liars

  26. just call, call,call I never had anything for or with these people!!

  27. So they can get credit for making an attempt and get paid by Portfolio.

  28. It’s free to block calls which is why I don’t care about these sad little thugs.

More information of interest:
Date of creation:2019-10-10
Mobile or landline phone?:Landline
Location:New Jersey, United States
Number of complaints:28
E164 Format:+9738540915
Formato Nacional:973 85 40 91 5
National Format:973 85 40 91 5
International Format:+973 85 40 91 5
RFC3966 Format:tel:+973-85-40-91-5

The number 9738540915 corresponds to a landline phone number located in New Jersey, United States. To this day, we have received 28 complaints and the tel:+973-85-40-91-5 number has been searched on the website 0 times. Help us with your report or complaint detect this number o read below the complaints and opinions from other users.

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