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Mankind has gradually become one with technology; this fact is both a miracle and a curse. Many things have become easier, but with ascension of tech, new problems have appeared. Spam is one of the new viruses that affect everyday life, it exists since internet was born and even though, it might be a thing of the past for e-mailing, it stills there, somewhere else.

Spam has been almost completely eradicated in emailing, but it stills bothering in modern platforms, especially in our cell phones. Mobile phone spam or mobile spamming, appeared as soon as cell phones became a standardized method to communicate. Even today it stills a frequent problem in many cell phone users’ life.

What is Mobile Spamming?

Mobile spamming, also known as SMS spam, text spam or mobile phone spam is described as the use of SMS and call systems to send spam (unsolicited messages or calls). In many cases these messages/calls include merely advertising content and unharmful messages, but in other circumstances it can be dangerous, as many criminals use mobile spam to perpetrate fraud and swindle.

Text spam is completely illegal in many countries. Places such as United States and Australia have regulations on this matter, but the nature of the practice makes it particularly difficult to eradicate. As for today, phone spam stills an annoying and pretty common practice in most countries.

How to avoid Mobile Spamming?

As it is a big problem, most important cell phone related companies have their methods to avoid spam. For example, Iphone and Android users can access to “anti-spam calls” options, which can easily be found in most cell phones configurations. Activating such settings can help you with spam calls, but, is there any method to avoid SMS spamming?

SMS spam is usually more difficult to eradicate, but in most cases blocking the sender number will do the trick. These forecasts may help you to avoid phone spamming in almost every case.

You are not the only one

Phone spam is pretty common, and usually the spam sender gets in touch with many people at the same time. In most cases you can see the spammer number, by having it you can verify if you are the only one affected by that number; here is where a database may be helpful.

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