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Are you looking for 0800 numbers cost? In the UK these are freephone numbers. They’re free to call from landlines and mobile phones in the UK. The calls have been free from personal landlines and mobile phones since 2015.

The cost of the call is covered by the business or organisation that owns the phone number. These numbers are used for several purposes. They include sales/customer service numbers, government/charity helplines, and access to pre-paid calling cards.

A caveat is organisations are also required to cover the costs of incoming calls to their 0800 numbers from payphones. Some UK companies have decided to block those calls rather than paying the surcharge.

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Why do you need 0800 phone numbers?

Spamming and identity theft have become big problems in the digital age. A Harris Poll reports that in the US alone nearly 60 million Americans (2018) have been the victim of identity theft.

What’s the difference? Identity theft is the robbery of a person’s private identifying information. On the other hand, Spam involves ANY type of unwanted communication via calls or texts. This is even the case when the caller is offering a real product or service.

An 0800 number can be critical for various services offered by companies, government, or charities. In these cases you’ll want to offer free calls to existing/potential customers as a special service.

On the other hand, it’s also important to learn real 0800 numbers cost. Unfortunately, spammers often call potential victims and claim they work for a certain legit company like Sky. If you fall for their scams then you can end up being overcharged for your 0800 number.

Make sure to avoid that whole situation by visiting FakeTel and learning the true 0800 numbers cost. This can save you a lot of money and hassles in the long term.

Can I block SPAM calls?

In short, the answer is: yes. You have a few options after learning 0800 numbers cost. If you have a landline you can call the phone operator and request him/her to block the SPAM/scam number.

Meanwhile, if you have a 0800 mobile number you can use an application to block Spammy numbers very easily. The process is super-easy and doesn’t require calls to phone operators.

You should also make sure to learn 0800 numbers cost before you get your new toll-free number. This can help to avoid digital SPAM that’s unrelated to the canned processed meat.

Anti-Spam Tip: If you pick up the phone and someone asks you to press a button in order to stop getting calls from them you should hang up. Scammers often use the tactic to find potential victims.


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