List of numbers cost per country

203 345
333 300
800 344
845 844

Are you looking for numbers costs for premium phonelines in the UK? This is also known as a premium-rate phone number. They involve an extra charge that the caller must pay.

You can also find toll-free lines in the UK that can help you avoid being charged for premium-rate lines. It’s important to know these prefixes because it is ILLEGAL for companies to charge you.

Why do you need to know prefixes?

You should learn the numbers cost of premium-rate numbers. The reason is if you’re charged for toll-free or over-charged for premium lines it can cause your phone bill to spike.

How can I avoid expensive premium phone lines?

You have various options including FakeTel’s list of phone numbers costs. This is the biggest database of premium-rate lines that includes UK rates.  

When you know the facts about which phonelines are toll-free, standard rate, and premium rate you can make free calls or avoid being charged for toll-free lines.  

What are the numbers cost for common UK prefixes?

0300 prefix

The numbers cost of this prefix has the same landline rates like 01 and 02 prefixes and are also counted towards the caller’s inclusive minutes like 01/02 prefixes. This includes calls made from different phones like fixed line, BT, payphone, and mobile.

0333, 0345, and 0345 prefixes

These are non-geographic phones that are used by different organizations including UK businesses, government bodies, and charities. They include basic rates so customers and other callers won’t be charged premium rates. You should be charged standard landline rates for homes/businesses.

0800 prefix

UK phones starting with 0800 are known as “Freephone numbers.” Since mid-2015 they’ve been free to call from UK mobile phones and landlines. Make sure you are never charged for calling these lines.

0843 prefix

This prefix differs from traditional UK landlines since they’re non-geographical. Calls to the lines are generally charged higher rates compared to ones to normal landlines due to the service charge. These lines can’t be used legally for customer service lines.

0844 prefix

This type of UK numbers cost allows companies to earn money from each call. The caller is charged 5p/minute from any UK landline. The phone line’s owner can get a 1p rebate/minute for the call’s duration.

0845 prefix

This is another non-geographic phone number, and these calls can cost over 10p/minute from certain landlines. Meanwhile, some providers include this prefix in their packages for inclusive calls along with 01/02 minutes.

0203 prefix

This prefix covers the Greater London area. It’s important to note that the prefix “020” includes inner and outer London.

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